Jul 17, 2018 @ 2:55pm
Thank you @SDMinesFndn for your support. All #Hardrockers should also be donating to the Foundation and supporting our outstanding institution! #SDSMT #BlueCollarGoldStandard https://t.co/EBzhXURDyn
Jul 17, 2018 @ 6:53am

Support our scholar-athletes with a tangible gift toward scholarship funding. We need your help to graduate leaders in science and engineering while competing in the NCAA & RMAC.


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Hardrock Club

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Hardrock Club
Hardrock ClubJul 17, 2018 @ 9:39am

The purpose of the Hardrock Club is to provide scholarship funds for our scholar-athletes as well as to support and promote SD Mines and Hardrocker Athletics. As the primary fundraising organization for Hardrocker Athletics, the Hardrock Club supports all 13 of our sports.

As a Hardrock Club member, you become part of a community of the most ardent SD Mines supporters. “It starts at Mines!” Your membership in the Hardrock Club tangibly helps young men and women to pursue their education and participate in intercollegiate athletics at one of the most arduous and demanding institutions in the world. Further, your membership also affords you many benefits, including (but not limited to) access to all-sport season tickets and access to experiences which are not available to the general public. Also, please note that Hardrock Club Memberships are distinct and separate from Corporate Sponsorship Agreements, which have different terms and conditions.

Our number one goal at SD Mines continues to be graduating leaders in science and engineering. Being a member of the NCAA and RMAC has great advantages and positions us in a group of peer institutions that appreciate the rigors of academic achievement as well as athletic success.

This affiliation also comes with challenges. The average NCAA Division 2 athlete dedicates 85 hours per week to academics, athletics and community service. Add this to the already laborious coursework of an SD Mines student, and it becomes vital to recruit the right scholar-athletes who will succeed in this demanding environment.
Our recruiting efforts have expanded beyond South Dakota. The lack of scholarship funding by the State, along with decreasing state population and specialized fields of study at SD Mines all contribute to make recruiting NCAA Division 2 caliber scholar-athletes a challenge. Nationwide competition for this limited pool of bright and talented young men and women athletes is immense and creates a need for more scholarship awards.

The Hardrock Club membership runs from July 1 through June 30. Your annual gift to the Hardrock Club may be tax deductible, so please always check with your professional tax advisor for specifics in your individual situation. Most importantly, your gift helps cover the cost of scholarships for about 200 scholar-athletes.


Thank you for your support!

#RockOn #SDSMT #Hardrockers #BlueCollarGoldStandard
Hardrock Club
Hardrock ClubJul 14, 2018 @ 11:14am
‪44 more days until the first‬ #Hardrockers game of the year!‬ Join the Hardrock Club - get priority‬ for tickets & support scholarships.‬


‪Use the Club 135 app to earn‬ rewards for attending games.‬


#RockOn #SDSMT #BlueCollarGoldStandard
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Thanks for visiting HardrockClub.org!

It’s an exciting time to be a Hardrocker! Your generosity to the Hardrock Club is critical to the success of our athletic programs. As our teams strive for excellence at the NCAA Division II level, your donation has a direct impact on the lives of the young men and women representing SD Mines and Hardrocker Athletics. For every one of our scholar-athletes, the opportunity to attend SD Mines on an athletic scholarship is their ticket to great success in life. Thank you for making a difference and generously supporting our coaches and scholar-athletes!

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